Merchant Cash Advance

With the current weak state of the economy, small and midsized merchants are finding it extremely difficult to obtain loans because of the reluctance of most banks to lend. We understand that you've worked hard all your life building your business and supporting your families throughout the years. Although times are tough now we all recognize that it's only a matter of time until things turn around and we go back to the prosperity we are all used to. In the mean time you the merchant, need to keep your business moving and growing until the good times are back and things get back to normal. That's where Business Finance Advance comes in. We are allowing you the opportunity to access a valuable asset you never knew you had…..Your "Future Credit Card Receivables".

It's all based on your future credit card sales. Very simply, we will advance you the cash you need now and you pay us back from your future credit card proceeds. We will deduct a small percentage of your daily credit card batches until you are paid in full. And the advantage of the program is that you pay us back only as you do business. So if things get slow as in any business you don't have to worry about a monthly advance payment you have to make. We will simply deduct the same agreed upon percentage regardless of how much it is. Since the program is based on your credit card sales only, you can take as long as you need to pay back as long as it's within the normal course of business, and you also get to keep 100% of the cash and checks you take in.