Responsible Lending

Our Commitment to Responsible Lending

Our business loan services are designed to put you in control of your cash flow, for those occasional times when an unexpected expense catches you by surprise. Below we explain why BF Advance is different to old school lenders and how you can expect to be treated when using our service.

Flexible loan

Unlike most business lenders, we enable you to choose exactly how much money you want to borrow - down to the last dollar - and for exactly how many days. We don't force you to borrow a fixed sum you might not need, nor do you accrue interest for longer than necessary. The amount you apply for and the length of the business loan naturally affect the cost of repayment too, so you can make adjustments until you're happy with all elements of your application.

Short-term cash

In contrast to a credit card or overdraft, you must commit to settling your BF Advance loan quickly. You can then use our service again next time you need short-term cash. We make money when you repay us on time, not by continually extending a growing line of credit to you. BF Advance doesn't endlessly roll your balance from month to month and we will only approve limited extensions when we feel it is in your best interest.

Transparent service

We calculate the total amount repayable upfront, showing you the figures clearly before you apply. We include the interest and the full cost to ensure it's crystal clear, plus we never change the rate we charge. The only way costs can increase is if you fail to honour the agreement.

Credit check

BF Advance is not a typical internet small business loan lender because there's no need to fax documents or hang about on the phone. Application and payment is entirely online because we have a sophisticated credit reference system. Our technology enables us to assess applications in seconds and helps to ensure we only lend to people whom we believe are able to repay us - we simply aren't interested in lending to anyone who isn't.


We place emphasis on building a responsible and trusting relationship with you. So unlike some websites, we won't wave silly amounts of cash in your face to gain your attention and faith in our business funding services. First-time visitors can initially apply for a limited amount, after repaying your first loan, we may gradually increase your BF Advance trust rating.

As you repay our trust, you may enjoy improved flexibility to apply for more in the future if need be. Your maximum credit limit at any one time is determined by lots of different factors we take into account. Our biggest loan is only available to customers who have shown completely responsible use of the service over a significant period of time.


Our website provides a financial service plus some clear guidance about using it responsibly. We urge you to think carefully before applying for a BF Advance loan, because we expect it to be repaid when you promise to. We describe the potential consequences of failing to do so (FAQs), plus offer tips for anyone already struggling with debt.


BF Advance is not the cheapest way to borrow money, but we are the fastest, most convenient and most flexible lender in the US. It's a bit like using a taxi to get around - it's not economical if you use one too frequently, but paying a premium for speed, convenience and flexibility in the short term makes perfect sense from time to time.


All renewals must reapply for new funding.

Are you committed to responsible business loan borrowing?

Applying for any form of credit isn't a decision to be taken lightly. Please remember that if your BF Advance application is approved, it becomes a two-way street and you'll need to keep a serious promise. We want our relationship to be a happy and trusting one, so we lay out the facts as clearly as possible. Only you can decide whether to apply or not, however, so please only do so if you're confident you'll have the funds to comfortably make repayment on your chosen date.

Note: non payment may result in default and we reserve the right to pursue all legal channels for repayment.