Unsecured Business Cash Advance

Does your business need a working capital, a business cash advance, or a merchant cash advance?

While big banks may decline business owners for an average credit score, we at Business Finance Advance understand the current economic situation and vigorously work to get your business the merchant cash advance and/or unsecured business funding it needs to grow with the ever evolving times.

At Business Finance Advance feel that small business finance, unsecured merchant advances, business cash advances, and merchant equipment financing should all be available to the backbone of this country - small and large businesses owners.

A business or small business with average credit history, decent cash flow and/or a history of strong credit card receivables should very well be able to obtain the merchant financing and/or merchant accoutn advance it may need to continue to keep growing successfully. Our alternative business financing services can also be packaged as a merchant cash advance, business cash advance, or working capital.

Business Finance Advance currently provides a number of business financing options for business owners seeking alternatives to traditonal business loans.

Unsecured Business Advances

A business cash advance can best be described as the action of purchasing future credit card receivables from a merchant cash advance service, while paying back incrementally based off of new credit card receivables . So in essence, this type of business financing is not a business loan but an advance on future credit card receivables.

Unsecured Merchant Cash Advances

Currently, most banks and financial institutions that have typically provided lines of credit to business owners have now stopped lending credit to businesses. Now business owners have to seek alternative sources for business financing and business working capital. Merchant cash advances are an alternative for business owners to obtain business financing services. In order for the business to get a merchant cash advance or any alternative business financing service, our business funding company will need access to past financial information of the business owner applying for the merchant cash advance or any other of our business funding services.

Our merchant cash advance company would then rate your business receivables and credit card receivables based off of the general "credit card factoring" eligibility rating system

Criteria for a most types of merchant cash advances is typically all the same - rated on the amount and consistency of credit card receivables. Business advances can offer a business owner the means to restock their shelves, order supplies, use it for marketing and advertising, and many other situations where business funding is needed.

Business Wroking Capital Loans

When applying for a merchant cash advance, business cash advance, unsecured business funding, or business working capital; past financial performance of your business will help you to qualify for any type of business financing. BFAdvance will review your credit history and your businesses past financial data to help facilitate the best merchant cash advance, merchant funding service, or any other of our exclusive unsecured business funding programs. Our merchant cash advances , small business advances, and business working capital programs have been used in the following manner by our past clients -

1. Inventory, material, and supplies

2. New equipment or repairs

3. Cash flow management

4. Advertising/ marketing

5. Working capital

6. Business growth

7. New business opportunities

Business capital and Merchant Account Advances

Fast business cash advance application process

Fast merchant cash advance funding (upon approval)

Flexible merchant advance options for business owners

Hassle free business funding services

Our merchant cash advances and unsecured business advances can be spent on just about any business need. Most of our business finance programs offer very flexible re-payment terms and conditions suiting even the most unique business situations.

Our team of merchant cash advance specialists will review your business financial information upon submission, review the business information , and recommend the best unsecured business advance or unsecured working capital program for your business.

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